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HRGB (Happy Rich Great Body)

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HRGB (Happy Rich Great Body) Super Lifestyle Evening Event –

Feb 7, 2015

This luxury event is limited to 20 women.  You must have a VIP ticket and RSVP.  You received a complimentary VIP ticket by our team spotting you on the street, or from one of the select few local specialty shops.  Because seats are limited call NOW to RSVP.  If more than 20 people have reserved their seats when you call, we’ll put you on the VIP waiting list in case of cancellation, so don’t wait, call number on your VIP ticket NOW.

This event is NOT for everyone.  It’s for women who want to spend a luxury evening with FREE food and healthy drinks learning how to change their lives and finally live the lives of their dreams.  Women who want to lose weight, increase their confidence, build better relationships, feel loved, become happier, and/or grow longer stronger hair and nails.

Phone NOW, seats are limited!



70 LB Natural Weight Loss & Hair Growth Age 49

If I Can Do It…So Can YOU! I Will Teach You How.

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Get details on HRGB Ultimate Lifestyle WEEKEND Event

(Valentine’s Weekend, Feb 13 – 15, 2015)  here —-> www.dawnali.com/hrgb

HRGB (Happy Rich Great Body)

Are you ready to begin living more of the life you are meant to live – to develop joy, peace, love and happiness in your life?  Now you too can overcome limiting beliefs, stop sabotaging yourself and be more attractive, wealthier, feel better, and confident in love and in life.

Begin today and become HRGB…



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