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Author Topic: Biracial Children: Black women & White Men Should Have Lots of Biracial Children  (Read 5372 times)

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Black women and white men who marry and have biracial children should have lots of biracial children. Atleast, this is just my opinion. I grew up in a family where I had siblings, both my parents are black, but whenever I had problems I always knew I had my siblings to turn to. If someone was picking on me at school, I could always go to my siblings for support.

 I think that if people who marry interracially need to take into account the fact that having multiple biracial children will provide their children with extra emotional support. When it comes time for them to face various issues, it would probably help if they had someone who came from the same or similar family situation to relate to. When the biracial issues come up, or the black issues come up, I can imagine if the child had one or two other biracial siblings to turn to, that would make things a bit easier.

Anyway, I think in general that having a sibling in the world is an asset. If something happens to the parent, the children have eachother to turn to. Whether I marry a black man or not, I would hope that I could have atleast two children. I would want more than one. I want my children to have someone to turn to when times get tough, someone they can relate to and who knows them better than anyone else.

Anyway, this is why I think its important that black women and white men who marry interracially have multiple biracial children, that way their children will have someone who comes from a similar background and familial makeup that they can relate to. This would only help establish a stronger identity for them and would also provide comfort in times of need. I feel.
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