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Weight Loss COOKBOOK + Resell Rights to resell it over and over again, and you keep 100% Profits!

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Weight Loss Coaching VIDEOS + Resell Rights to resell them over and over again, and you keep 100% Profits!

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  • Smoothie

  • Buy 7 items from the $1 store

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  • Buy yourself dinner at one of the many franchise restaurants in the USA

  • Pizza Delivered to you

  • Pick up a few items at the grocery store

  • Buy a new lipstick, mascara or eyeliner

  • Buy a hair product

  • Pay a monthly subscription

  • Buy a healthy lunch + tip!

  • Buy 14 items from the $1 store

  • SAVE IT = $420 each month!

Because the $7 payments you can receive are UNLIMITED...what if you received 10 - $7 payments each day? Would $70 extra each day ($2,100 a month) paid INSTANTLY into your PayPal or other account be life changing for you?

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  1. READ CAREFULLY BEFORE ORDERING: Please allow 24 hours to receive video access links and/or cookbook (ebook) in your email (you used when ordering). Please check SPAM folder too.
  3. YOU are 100% responsible for emailing the products(s) to your customers.
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  9. If you have any questions before or after your order, you can only contact the person who referred you, and/or the person you PAID (that person's email should be on your purchase receipt). 
  10. ORDERING these products means you agree to the terms.

Want to order using PayPal? Send payment to hrgb@dawnali.com and exactly what you are ordering. OR CashApp. to $DawnAli and include your email and exactly what you are ordering.

*DISCLAIMER: You may or may not lose weight.  Always consult your physician before changing your dieting or fitness routine.


You may or may not earn any income. You may or may not lose money. You may want to consult a professional financial advisor first.

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