New Interactive Guide Reveals: The Story & Secrets Of How A Former 47 Year Old Homeless, OBESE, Sick, & Sad Mom, Turned Her ENTIRE Life Around To Become Happy, Loved, Rich, And One of the Most Renowned Weight Loss Experts In The World...Almost Overnight!

She Shares The Lessons Learned So ANYONE Can Use These Same Secrets, And They Too Can Get The Joy, Love, Relationships, Income, Body And Health They've Been Dreaming Of...Even YOU! 

Sneak Peak Inside...


Facing The Woman In the Mirror, And The Second Secret She Was Hiding


I was staring in the mirror in the master bathroom of the unfurnished, two bedroom luxury apartment I was unknowingly going to be evicted from a few months later.  I pulled off the wig that I wore daily (I had been wearing one of some sort, for close to ten years at that point), reached for the scissors, and cut off the mess of hair that I had left.

The second secret that I had been hiding was that my relaxed hair was broken off to only a few inches long, with balding patches all over. The combination of overprocessing my own hair for years, the wigs, and simply not taking care of it, had taken its toll. I basically, had no hair left...




In this


book you’ll discover the 12 secrets to unlock a happy, rich, sexy, confident, powerful, loving, and joyful life, with a great body, at any age!

This interactive guide is for people who want it all!  It will empower you to do as Dawn Ali did, transform all areas of your life.  This book will show you what Dawn went through, what obstacles she had to overcome, and give the readers new ways of seeing things, and ideas on how to create the same results in their lives.


Plus, personal coaching assignments from Dawn to help you focus and put what you learn into action.


“Once you’re able to alter your perception on what YOU can achieve, you’ll watch a new you transform right before your eyes.” - Dawn Ali


"Get Your Sexy Back: Happy, Rich And A Great Body...At Any Age!" is a book for people who want to be inspired:

  • To have a sexier body and get rid of the out-of-shape body…at any age - pg. 55

  • To become richer - pg. 68

  • To look and feel younger - pg. 51

  • To become happier - pg. 34

  • To get rid of losers and abusers and attract a boat-load of higher quality potential mates - pg. 7

  • To get rid of debt and increase their income - pg. 42

  • To improve physical and emotional wellness - pg. 35

  • To grow longer hair - pg. 12

  • To lose weight and maintain the weight loss…forever - pg. 65

  • To build self-esteem, confidence, and self-love - pg. 39

  • To have loving committed relationships - pg. 11

  • To gain weight and be whatever weight you want - pg. 71

  • To feel more peace and happiness - pg. 67

  • To be and feel healthier - pg. 56

  • To work from home doing what you love - pg. 11

  • To have better, clearer and glowing skin - pg. 68

  • To start your day and have enough energy to last throughout the day - pg. 39

  • To slow down the aging process…Find the fountain of youth - pg. 65

Dawn Ali, Age 46 - 47 (Age 49 This Year)


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Inside "Get Your Sexy Back: Happy, Rich And A Great Body...At Any Age!" Discover...

Fast & Easy Read

The large print makes this a fast and enjoyable reading material.  You won’t get bored and put the book down, never going back to it.  No, instead you will more than likely finish it in 1 – 2 days, and be on track to begin changing your life immediately.

Coaching Assignments



Each of the 12 life lessons have 1 – 3 personal development coaching assignments to go along with it.  These will help you begin transforming your life to one you’ve been dreaming of.  The book contains plenty of space for you to write in

12 Life Lessons


Dawn shares with you her story and the lessons she learned that allowed her to unlock the true potential inside of her, and allowed the new person that was waiting to be born to come out.  These are the lessons everyone must learn to begin living up to their true God-given greatness; thereby, reaching new heights and living the life of their desire…happy, rich & a great body!


“I'm really enjoying it. I love that your questions are what social workers would call "motivational interviewing questions" they are focused in the present and allow the person to start making little changes. the story is really good too. I love how transparent you're being, and I'm sure your readers will too.” 

—  Amani EmanSocial Worker

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