Wholesale Price Sheet

Minimum Order 6 Bottles

Bottles are $13 each bottle (includes shipping/delivery) Suggested Retail Price = $19.99 - $29.99 each

 2 FREE Bottles ($40 - $60 Retail Value) If you purchase 6 bottles after today, but within 14 days of first contact with one of our sales representatives.

Same price and terms for our Dawn Ali’s Super Hair Nail and Skin Capsules and Dawn Ali’s Super Fit Waist Capsules. All products are VEGAN.

Orders can be placed and paid in full at www.DawnAli.com/online  OR call 949-689-4808

We look forward to a long business relationship with you.

All sales are final.

NOTE:  When ordering Dawn Ali’s Super Hair Growth Oil or any of Dawn Ali’s / Happy Rich Great Body products, you are  agreeing NOT to sell the products online. This offer is for selling in OFFLINE stores ONLY. Thank you.


Dawn Ali’s Super Hair Growth Oil


Dawn Ali's Super Hair Nail & Skin Capsules

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